Computer History & Internet Sites Page

With all the web surfing I do, I've come across countless pages about the Internet and histories of various computer-related topics. Here's a list of sites I've found about these topics.

Computer History

Computer History Timeline

IBM PC history

Linux History

MacIntosh history

Netscape Wikipedia entry

Pre-IBM PC history

The dotcom bubble Essay on the brief rise and fall of dotcom companies.

Unix History & Timeline

Windows History site A Windows history reference site that also has links to other Windows history sites.


Glossary of Internet Terms

HTML Site with tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more.

Internet History Site with links to Internet history sites. The ultimate urban legends reference site.

Spam FAQ FAQ about unsolicited commercial email.

The Jargon File Dictionary of hacker terms.

Urban Dictionary Dictionary of urban slang terms.

Usenet FAQs page Site containing FAQs of various Internet newsgroups.

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