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I've been a cat lover my whole life. I truly think cats are among the most refined and altogether cool creatures on the planet. I wanted to put together a page of links to other cat sites for quite awhile before I finally did it. So enjoy this page and realize like everything else on the web, there probably are thousands of them!

My love affair with cats started when I was a kid. An adorable (and very pregnant) calico cat found its way to our house one day. She had kittens a few days later. Out of that herd was born Popsicle, a long-haired orange tabby. I now refer to him as my "poor dysfunctional cat." :)) He knew no fear when it came to hunting down vermin and of course leaving them as "presents" for my mom and I. People however were another story, since he usually ran in terror from them!

Sadly, Popsicle contracted feline leukemia 12 years later (this was before they had a vaccine for it) and we had him put down. I still think about him, especially when I see a cat that looks like he did. In 1995, when I was vacationing in New York City, I met a cat that I'm convinced was the reincarnation of my childhood feline friend. The place I stayed at had two cats, one of whom looked a little like him. One day I was talking to him, saying how much he looked like him, and he meowed loudly right on cue! That made me think, "hey..wait a minute." :)) Ok..maybe it's a little far-fetched to think it might be him, but I can still dream. *s*

Here are cat sites I like:


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