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Everybody loves a holiday. After all, you get time off from work or school and can sit around and do nothing. *g* This page is a "spin-off" from the Christmas page I created several years ago. I enjoyed putting that together, but since it was only appropriate for the last couple months of each year, I got tired of displaying it during the holidays and then "shutting it down" the rest of the year. So I decided to create a "holidays page" that would be good all year, one that folk could check at any time for whatever holiday was approaching.

So below I have links to sites for all the major holidays. Enjoy. I will caution that this site is specific to holidays celebrated in the US. First off, here are a handful of "general" holiday sites:

Earth Calendar This site lists holidays by date/country or both.

Holidays on the Net

Jewish Holidays

Urban Legends Holiday Page

Wilstar's Holiday World

New Years Day

New Years Day

Groundhog Day (Imbolg)

Groundhog Day History


St Valentines Day

St Valentine's Day

St Patricks Day

St Patrick's Day History

Easter (Ostara)

The Story of Easter


Memorial Day

Memorial Day History

4th of July

4th of July page

Labor Day

History of Labor Day

Halloween (Samhain)

History of Day of the Dead


Pumpkin patches and More.org

Trick or Treat? origin


History of Thanksgiving



My Christmas Site


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